My goodness, Gustav

Let’s not let our politics distract us from what our fellow Americans in Louisiana are facing: The mayor of New Orleans has issued a mandatory evacuation for all citizens. He told them that they “need to be scared” and to get their “butts moving”. Mayor Ray Nagin told citizens that if they stay, there will be no emergency services available to help them and that this storm may be worse than Katrina.

Hurricane Gustav

“This is the mother of all storms, and I’m not sure we’ve seen anything like it. This is the real deal. This is not a test. For everyone thinking they can ride this storm out, I have news for you: that will be one of the biggest mistakes you can make in your life,” he said.

The storm has already hit Cuba and is a category 4 still gaining momentum as it prepares to enter the Gulf of Mexico. Katrina, a category 5 storm , hit New Orleans just 3 years ago in 2005.


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