Palin Pregnancy Scandal? This just keeps getting weirder…

Wow. So now, there is a apparently a potential pregnancy scandal to add to the pot of problems with Palin. An article published in the Anchorage news back in March first started some folks questioning. Allegedly, at the time her pregnancy was announced, no one on staff even knew that she was pregnant. Here’s a picture of Gov. Palin taken on Super Tuesday in which she is said to have been 6 months pregnant:

Here’s where the theories kick in: some people think that her son Trig is actually 16 year-old Bristol Palin’s baby. The theory is that due to their staunch pro-life beliefs, the Palins hid the pregnancy and have decided to raise little Trig as their own.

Reports say that Bristol Palin was out of school with mono during the last few months of Sarah’s pregnancy. Some classmates supposedly said later on that they thought she had gained weight and knew she was pregnant. Others are claiming that pictures of both the Gov. & Bristol have mysteriously disappeared from her website. This part is not so convincing for the following reasons:

  1. Omg, highschoolers were talking smack? No way!
  2. This is one of the shots in question, and I must say, I found it rather easily. Her site says that it’s from 2007, so it’s not even historically accurate, regardless of who supposedly looks pregnant and who doesn’t. (Although, *gasp* I guess they could have changed the dates.)
  3. If the Palins were out to hide something big like this, would they put Bristol in tight clothing out front like that? Hmm I guess that’s where the mono comes in.

So okay, okay, conspiracy theories are fun. A lot of this “evidence” isn’t much of evidence, & I agree. But the zaniest part of it all to me in terms of ‘hmm, could it be?’ is Palin’s labor.

According to a article back in April, Gov. Palin flew from Dallas to Anchorage while in labor-an 8 hour flight! Her water broke one morning before giving a speech in Texas and she STILL GAVE IT. A keynote luncheon address. At the Republican Governor’s Energy Conference. While in labor. Man, she really is a barracuda, huh? The baby was born 7 hours after landing in Alaska, and Palin told everyone that he was her easiest delivery of them all. On top of this, Alaska Airlines representative Caroline Boren said, “Governor Palin was extremely pleasant to flight attendants and her stage of pregnancy was not apparent by observation as she didn’t show any signs of distress.” Many airlines won’t even allow women that far along to fly, nevermind women who are actively in labor. And also, what doctors okays such a travel at that stage in the game? Yowzas.

Really, the coverage of this VP pick just gets weirder and weirder. Here’s another case of public versus private life. If Palin did indeed cover up her daughter’s pregnancy, then that is her own family’s decision. But now this woman is on the center stage of American politics. Her entire life will continue to be under scrutiny for months, perhaps years to come. (The recent downfall of Democratic Golden Boy John Edwards should serve as a reminder on this one.) Whether these rumors are true or not, Palin has her work more than cut out for her in this race, as does McCain in defending his nominee. An increasingly interesting pick at a time when all energy really needs to be spent on the issues at hand in terms of, oh, let’s see, running the country.

John McCain had better hope that going with his gut for this pick was truly worth what the media is about to put Gov. Palin and her family through. For her family’s sake, I hope decision is something she really thought through before accepting this nomination as it will truly be life-changing, win or lose.



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6 responses to “Palin Pregnancy Scandal? This just keeps getting weirder…

  1. fredshelm

    This has been pretty thoroughly debunked by a number of people, including doctors.

    Conspiracy theories generally center around ambiguous situations with limited information. In this case, Palin deliberately hid her pregnancy as long as possible so that it wouldn’t inhibit her ability to do her job. This diminished level of information naturally creates an environment for conspiracy theories to thrive.

    This attack is really about as low as they get.

  2. Good. If it’s true, that should completely derail McCain’s campaign. I also read a story that Palin’s first son was born 8 months after she got married. Oooops!

  3. rambleicious

    I’d imagine that lying about being pregnant will be a big mark against her. It would have been better to simply admit Trig is her daughter’s and that she is going to be as supportive as she can to her daughter to help raise Trig.

    As someone who is pro-life it seems weird that she’d go to those lengths to cover it up.

    Given her Creationist stance, could she not just say it’s all part of God’s plan or some such thing?

  4. vettiboop

    I think if everyone would read Obama Nation on the #1 list there would be a big change in the way people think~

  5. vettiboop

    At least Palin is an open book~
    We know so little about a man running for president and no one is asking questions about
    his background.
    Palin has much more experience and she is running for VP~

  6. wondering

    I’m wondering if Palin knew that the baby had downs syndrome and was thinking that maybe the baby wouldn’t survive if she got on a flight after her water broke. Because no caring mother would ever do that, especially one who had given birth to four children already. That baby could’ve popped out in a couple of minutes on the plane!

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