The Palin Nomination: Hypocrisy Party 2008

I can’t get enough of Republican analysts these days. Maybe McCain just really wanted to find a way to keep his party on their toes. For the past few nights, despite the angle or the specific topic, Larry King Live has been essentially the same conversation:

Larry: “Do you think she’s the best candidate to be the next VP?”
Republican Analyst: “I think she’s an excellent choice.”
Larry: “That wasn’t my question. Do you think she’s the best candidate to be our next VP?”
Republican Analyst: “Again, I think she’s an excellent choice.”

Yikes. Over and over again, these folks have to look straight into the camera and defend John McCain’s choice, silently trying to convince themselves that it was indeed, the right choice. Is there any Republican willing to say that it wasn’t?

And now, with the announcement of Bristol’s pregnancy, they’re saying that this is something that could happen to any family and that we shouldn’t talk about it. Yes, it could happen in any family, but if this had happened to a Democrat, let’s say, Chelsea Clinton as a teen, would we not be talking about it? Of course we would be! It’d be allover the news.

The real icing on the cake is that the Republicans have been pitching values and trying to assert that they are somehow the only party taking the moral high road these days. The nomination of Gov. Palin was supposed to appeal to social conservatives, and then what’s that? Bristol’s prego? Talk about hypocrisy. If we can talk about prostitution rings, affairs, Monica Lewinsky and more, then it’s fair to point out that Gov. Palin’s belief in abstinence only education did not work out well for her family. Is it unfortunate that Bristol’s life has become a part of the conversation? Of course. She’s a child who made a mistake and will be forced to grow up too fast; but her mother knew what she was getting both herself, and her daughter into. It’s one thing to hope that the media won’t find out or will ignore the matter, and it’s another to actually believe that will the case when we’re living in a media saturated society and you’re running for Vice President of the United States.

We know you’re not cool with teen pregnancy and sex before marriage, conservatives. I’d be happy to see someone actually admit it and work from there. Someone who says, “Yeah, ya know what, this does actually throw us for a loop. We’re not cool with it, but we still support the governor and here’s why–” This isn’t a case of the Republican Party trying to make lemonade out of lemons, it’s biting into the sourest of lemons and repeatedly claiming that they’re now sweet.


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  1. Amelia

    When life hands your 17-year-old daughter lemons, pelt them at your rivals, whose family lives are clearly far more “moral” than your own.

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