Don’t Mind If I Do: Maureen Dowd’s “Clash of the Titans”

Oh Maureen Dowd, I heart thee so.

Check out her latest NY Times Op-Ed piece, “Clash of the Titans,” a look into a the future with a 2012 debate between Sen. Hillary Clinton and her presumed VP Sarah Palin. Dowd details what life would be like for Sarah and Johnny Boy in the White House leading up to debate. An oh so sniptastic snippet:

“How would you like this pit bull grandma to clean your grandfather clock?” she’ll tell President McCain in her flat “Fargo” accent. He’ll confide in his pal Joe that being a P.O.W. was nothing compared with being trapped in the White House with “that woman.”

You can almost picture it now… Sarah’s smackin…

Hillary’s hollerin’…

Get your tickets now, folks. This show’s gonna be golden.


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One response to “Don’t Mind If I Do: Maureen Dowd’s “Clash of the Titans”

  1. It would be a great show. Shame it won’t happen. The conceit relies on Obama losing, McCain not running for a second term, and Hillary still being a viable candidate in four years. That is a long row to hoe.

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