Facebook: People You May Know

Oh Facebook, there are many things that could be said. Today I’d like to focus on the “People You May Know” function.

(thanks to robzand.com for the visual)
(thanks to robzand.com for the visual)

For those of you who somehow haven’t found your way on to “the book” yet, upon log in, there’s a little box on the front page that suggests people you may know. Where they get this list of suggestions from, I do not know. Some are obvious, “You and Dan went to college together.” Others don’t give hints. What’s funny to me is when friends mention folks who pop up in their boxes that don’t pop up in mine– yes, you know you have offline convos about fb as well.

Sometimes, you’re right, Facebook. I do know Dan. but what you may not know, is that Dan is a douche bag. And there is no “I don’t want to be friends with Dan because he’s a douche bag” option.

Recently, they added a little X next to the person in question in case you want to skip them and go to the next person, but there’s no option for “Yes, I do know Catie but she stole my favorite pen in 3rd grade and I’m still not over it.” You can also view all of the people you may know, and each time you X someone out another person pops up… no details as to if this person is then eliminated from the pool indefinitely or not though.

In the end, I guess you’re right, Facebook; sometimes I do know the person you’re suggesting. I just think your little system could be more effective if there was a way to verify that while you’re right (we know how you get your kicks, Zuckerberg), I’d like you to stop suggesting that I friend childhood rivals and my high school cheer squad.

Thanks, FB! And for better or for worse, I’m sure this small pet peeve will in no way inhibit me from spending countless hours meandering about your site. You win, indeed.



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2 responses to “Facebook: People You May Know

  1. Daniel

    And to top it all off, since there’s no way to flag it accurately, the people at Facebook think YOU’RE the douchebag, not Dan.

    “What’s so bad about Dan?” they think to themselves. “What kind of jerk doesn’t like Dan?”

    Makes me sick.

  2. Narcissus

    HA! I completely agree. Mine keeps suggesting ex boyfriends.

    Myspace’s “people you may know” tool is even worse, it suggests memorial pages of dead people “I might know”

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