Secretary of Getting Things Done: Hillaryyyy!!

President Elect Obama has officially nominated Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton Secretary of State

I loves me some Hill, alright. Glad to see that Obama is embracing the Hillary love as well 🙂



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2 responses to “Secretary of Getting Things Done: Hillaryyyy!!

  1. I am glad Obama did the right thing. Instead of harboring hateful resentment over the Muslim, drug-dealing, inexperienced leaks from her campaign staff, he demonstrated courage and principle by selecting her.

  2. waltersdimention

    Secretary of getting things done? Yeah wright, just like she succesfully passed a health care bill during her time as first lady in the white house,”not”. Just like she succesfully defeated Obama in the presidential primaries, “not”. Just like pleasing Bill clinton in bed so he wouldn’t have to go after other women, “not”. Just like she succesfully kept Bill from getting impeached,”not”. Man! she sure gets things done.

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