Prop 8: The Musical

Okay, I’m gonna go with this being amazing.

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3 responses to “Prop 8: The Musical

  1. rubyeliot

    i disagree. i don’t even think it’s humorous. it’s six weeks too late and so the punchline is gone. plus its perpetuating hate for christians. which is wrong (and bigoted?)

    it’s really actually embarrassing i think. it’s overflowing with straight up fallacies….kind of obvious shairman wrote it in one day

    ex: we should vote for gay marriage because it will bring lots of money into CA?

    this isn’t even true. not in the long run. at least that’s what the CA voter guide said during the election.

  2. saycheeseworld

    Thank you for sharing your opinion, Ruby. Prop 8 is a loaded topic that I’m sure many of us have many varying opinions on. I’d like to take a moment to share my reaction to your comment.

    To start things off, this is a musical where Jack Black plays Jesus. While you can immediately run with it and say this is blasphemous, I’m gonna say it’s far from a factual depiction of this matter. I do not think this video was created to truly advocate that gay marriage will save the economy (was Neil Patrick Harris’ performances really *that* convincing?). The reference is made to poke fun at the fact that the same people who voted for Prop 8 maybe wouldn’t have if they’d realized that they could make money off of gays… ie, why hate on them when they could be exploited instead?

    Additionally, I would not say that this is perpetuating hate. If I did think so, then I certainly wouldn’t have posted it in this context. It was made to entertain, and to draw attention to this issue. If you want to talk about perpetuating hate, let’s take a look at the blog post of your own that you linked to: wholesome children (who cannot vote!) in support of Prop 8 vs. savage “mockers and haters of all things religious”? If you didn’t find the video to be funny, that’s fine, but people in glasses houses shouldn’t be throwing stones.

    How did others react to this video?

  3. rubyeliot

    a. it’s not my blog.

    b. there are plenty of people in those pictures who are adults

    c. you can’t take away the fact of thousands of people protesting violently at a religious temple (after the election) compared to thousands of peaceful, happy, cheerful people advocating a position (before the election) (across the state).

    d. the video fails to be funny because it misses the point. the point was six weeks ago. all the punchlines are erroneous. ex: christ came to fulfill the old law. so why i totally get that it is not supposed to be serious, it doesn’t make any new or relevant points with its humor.

    e. it does perpetuate the stereotype of religious people being repressive and wacko and not understanding their own religion. maybe that isn’t necessarily “hateful” to you. but it is counterproductive to any intelligent (through humor) discussion on the issue.

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