My Life Would Suck Without You?

Oh no no, Kelly, our lives would suck without you!  Ahahaha! We all win, no? PS for a blip in time, the “suck” was replaced with “s*ck” on iTunes. Risky business there, Clarkson!

Here’s a sneak peak at the songstress’ new video.

Now, I realize that this is essentially an update of “Since You’ve Been Gone,” but come now, what wasn’t to love about that one? New album comes out March 10, just in case you not-so-secretly wanted to know.

Ohhh Kelly, you can do no wrong… except maybe for the awful album cover. And those terrible Ford commercials on American Idol. But other than that, you’re good, Kel, you’re so so good. Enjoy!


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One response to “My Life Would Suck Without You?

  1. saycheeseworld

    whole video’s out now:

    ohhhh snap!

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