You’re Not Alone

I’m not alone, he says. While I like the style of this video, I certainly can’t relate to having 120 DAYS of vacation time billed up. Really? I had to fight for my 4 days when I left my last job.  This guy apparently enjoyed his job so much that he just didn’t take days off… but he only worked there for 3 years. Who gets 40 days of vacation a year? No wonder why they were letting people go, how could they afford to keep paying so many people who weren’t working?

A Funny Thing Happened The Day After I Got Laid Off from Anthony Ferraro on Vimeo.

Way to go, Ferraro. I, on the other hand, am still waiting to find a way to put good ol’ Uncle Mastercard aside. If you’ve got a few bones to spare, feel free to send them my way, tiger. Then maybe I’ll believe that I’m not alone.

But ugh, when it comes down to the nitty gritty stay at home because you can’t afford to leave the house/start eating hotdogs because they’re cheap even though you don’t like them and they’re not good for you unemployment, well then, sadly, I know all too well that I’m not alone. Good luck with the cover letters, kids. That big bag of money will appear on the sidewalk one of these days.


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One response to “You’re Not Alone

  1. saycheeseworld

    UPDATE! Yeah, so I’m a spaz. My lovely friend Cortney pointed out that it’s 120 DAYS not WEEKS. That makes much more sense. I’ll change my argument to, “Whose so-called debts are so low that they can all be paid of with 2 weeks of vacation pay?”

    (Sorry about that one! I guess I was so fired up by the concept that I missed the mark.)

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