Will Unfriend for Food

Here’s an article from the NY Times about the almighty Facebook and “unfriending”:

Friends, Until I Delete You

Did anyone know about this Burger King promotion?

Apparently, deleting 10 Facebook friends scored you a free burger. What sort of bizarre marketing meeting went in that direction? Beefy rewards for potentially hurting a friend’s feelings? Does this mean to imply that Facebook friendships are expendable? Or were the BK execs all to privy to the fact that we all have Facebook friends we think about deleting? (Maybe they thought the Whopper’s flame-broiled juiciness was their only way out…) Either way, I guess free food does always have a way of tasting better…

Did anyone do this? Would you do this? I can’t help but be intrigued.


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One response to “Will Unfriend for Food

  1. Kala

    I didn’t see this! I wonder how long it lasted; it said in the article Facebook suspended the application but it didn’t note after how long. If the application conflicts with their de/un friending policy, I wonder why they agreed to allow it in the first place. I personally wouldn’t do it for a burger, but if Taco Bell offered a taco for 10 friends, I totally would do it. Everybody has friends they made having only known them through one class and that is a perfect reason for a cleanup.
    I am also left to wonder what Burger King was trying to prove boasting having caused 234,000 (or whatever the number was) canceled friendships. I would be quite embarrassed for anyone to know I ate there.
    Although I must say that this marketing strategy is far more clever than “Whopper Virgins”.

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