You Tell Us, Josh!

Share alert! I stumbled upon a great website called today and it’s definitely worth sacrificing some of your avid facebook stalking time to check it out.  Josh Shipp has been called the “Dear Abby” and “Dr. Phil” for teens., but his messages still ring true even if you aren’t new to pubic hair. Josh, abandoned and abused as a child, has made it his mission is to entertain, inspire and motivate teens to live their lives to the fullest. In short, this guy is upbeat, intelligent, motivating and downright fun to watch with his self-described Chia pet hair and charming wit. Here’s a sampling, definitely worth taking a look:

Oh, and if you check out Josh’s site, be sure to check out the post-it note on the bottom right. Each time you click on a new page, a new tip pops up. For example, #11 Debt is NOT your friend!  Debt wants to kick your puppy in the face. Nicely done.


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Filed under Comedy, Culture, Mental Health

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