Wanted: Children’s Musician

I keep seeing an ad for a Children’s Musician on Craigslist. I imagine going to this audition wearing a tuxedo, one of the super fancy ones with the tail in the back. I’d take a seat at a luxurious grand piano set upon a large stages. Upon my interviewer’s cue, I’d crack my knuckles, take in a deep breath, and upon exhalation, begin slamming my hands across the keys with the utmost confidence. Just wailing on it, all the while with the most professional face.

The interviewers would look at me, a bit startled and at a loss for words. I’d nod at the completion of my impassioned performance. Should there be any question about the nature of my presentation, I’d reassuringly remind them of my childlike performance abilities. Clearly, these skills are classic.



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Filed under Comedy, Culture, random

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