My Myspace Man: Take 2

“D” writes:

hey sweetie..i know someone as cute as you has a full phonebook , but do you think you can try to squeeze my number in?

going with an old classic, eh? hmm… ya can’t just jump right to the phone number because you used both “cute” & “sweetie.” in this case, d is for deny.



Filed under Comedy, Culture, Dating, Flirting, random

2 responses to “My Myspace Man: Take 2

  1. Dana, you should post pictures of these dudes along with their comments. I am curious!

  2. saycheeseworld

    Hmm… I’ve considered this, but wasn’t sure if that was going to far. But hey, this is the Internet, what’s going too far anyway? I’ll keep this suggestion in mind for the next one.

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