Texts From Last Night: Thanks for the (Otherwise Blurry) Memories

Ohhh the drunken text message. Too crude, too lewd, too much information. If you put it in writing, it can come back to haunt you kids, and the Internet is set to make damn sure of that.

Enter Texts From Last Night, the website that apologetically proclaims, “Remember that text you shouldn’t have sent last night? We do.” Basically, it’s a forum to exploit your friends, because we just didn’t have enough fun tagging questionable photos on Facebook. You enter the text and the area code of the person who sent it, and readers vote on what constitutes a good night versus a bad night. And revel in your friend’s drunken mishaps, of course. The results are certainly something special.

Here’s a sampling of  my recent favorites:

(978): Come home. Im drunk and cutting my own hair. This is bad, i need you.

(651): Last night while we were having sex, ‘God bless the USA’ started playing on his itunes. He came almost immediately… so awkward.

(419): just went to get groceries. a cashier said she saw me last night. i guess i carried a broom back from the party and swept the street the whole walk back…and i claimed to be in the cast of wicked

(818): Jake died.
(310): WTF????????? That’s how you tell me????
(818): Oops typo. Jake cried.

Check it out if you haven’t already, kids. This one will get you itching for your next drunk friend to get textin’


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One response to “Texts From Last Night: Thanks for the (Otherwise Blurry) Memories

  1. Lou

    Yesss, I’m also a big fan!

    (831): Hey, what are you up to?
    (802): Drinking wine with the guys and watching 7 Pounds.
    (802): Looking back I guess I could have changed that to beer and Die Hard.

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