Five Little Ducks Went Out to Play…

And somehow, 4 of them ended up in a sewer drain in DC earlier this week.

But wait, before you get upset, know that this story has an ADORABLE conclusion.

So, Monday morning, a duck with one little duckling at her side starts going crazy– squawking like mad at sewer drain in an alley. At the sight of this, in a city where people sport Ipods continually to avoid confrontation with crazies or the homeless, the ducks apparently got DC residents to stop in wonder. Residents called city agencies for help, and three nearby firefighters from a station the next alley over came by and removed the sewer drain to see what all the commotion was about. Lo and behold, 4 more little ducks struggling to swim in the water just below.

The duck family was reunited and brought to animal control for a check up. They’ll be released into a friendlier location soon.

Here’s a picture of the mother being held over the baby ducks. Now, call me crazy, but she’s totally smiling. And mind you, I don’t really even like birds. (That whole, birds are dinosaurs! thing totally creeps me out.)

Click the picture for more ridiculously cute pictures--including a firefighter showing how they were rescued. Ham it up, alright. We can't get enough cute news.

Adorable, right? Gah, love it.


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