My Myspace Man: Take 4

Alright, this one is definitely a good one. “MrRecession” writes:

hello pretty lady.. I wish I was your pillow, so you could drewl all over me..

Ya like that one? SO I COULD DREWL ON HIM. Hmm, couple of things:

  1. MrRecession, eh? How’s that handle workin’ out for ya?
  2. LINE. And not even just A line, but a line that is meant for ME to fawn over YOU. Not entertaining enough to be cocky.
  3. Spell check. Drool, buddy. You want me to drool on you. Oof, this girl needs a man with good grammar, g.

I know it’s tough ladies, but yet again, I’m gonna have to go with deny– just let me know if you’re interested though. I can certainly see the appeal  here.


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Filed under Comedy, Culture, Dating, Flirting, random

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