My Myspace Man: Take 5

J Gutta writes:

you look very sexy i would like to get to know if it cool with you maybe we can exchange number so we can talk and hook up on day because you look cute and i look cute so what it do holla back sweetheart ps com my pics

I guess he heard that run-on sentences realllly turn me on. Ooh baby, deny!



Filed under Comedy, Culture, Dating, Flirting, random

2 responses to “My Myspace Man: Take 5

  1. hahahhahaahha!
    why do these guys do that? i’ve recieved a few like that. always run-ons.
    it’s like they think it’s really gonna be that easy for your magical relationship to begin.

  2. formerlyfatgirl

    Oh yeah..and the little ps comment on my pics is a little hungry…lame.

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