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Shatner Does Palin

If you haven’t seen this already, then you need to:

William Shatner performs Sarah Palin’s farewell speech as spoken word. Clearly, it was poetry just waiting to happen.

(And yes, that is indeed how The Tonight Show titled it. Classy.)


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BORING… Let’s Glitterator!

Is there a reason I haven’t been able to get this out of my head for days? Wait, better question, is there a reason I would want to get it out?

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Well Shucks, There Are Still Worthwhile Shows on TV

Yes, I’m even talking other than 30 Rock. Enter How I Met Your Mother.

If you’re never checked it out, How I Met Your Mother is an Emmy-nominated comedy on CBS in its 5th season. And if you have, well, good choice, friend. It’s a tale of five 20-something friends, and  ultimately, a love story in reverse.

Personally, I find the lead character, Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor), to be quite a jerk, but the other characters more than make up for him being such a selfish whiner. Marshall Erikson (Jason Segel) makes the show for me, outside of the times when I remember that thanks to Forgetting Sarah Marshall I’ve seen him naked.

And this is why Marshall will keep you watching.

And this is why Marshall will keep you watching.

Anyway, it’s future Ted (who goes unseen) telling his two kids the story of how he met their mother–without sparing any details. Also featuring Alyson Hannigan, Cobie Smulders and an utterly ridiculous but brilliantly executed Neil Patrick Harris. Oh and wait, did I mention that the narrator is Bob Saget? What whaaaat.

Check it out if you’re bored on a Monday night like this one (Mondays, 8pm EST) or, hit up the DVDs like I’ve been doing. (Hey, thanks technology!) New season premiers September 21st so get crackin’!


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If U Seek Amy?

What? Listen to what it spells?

Ohhh, okay Britney. We get it. Thanks for playing it coy. Afterall, teenagers love new ways to talk about sex in front of adults without them catching on. WIN.

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(500) Days of Summer

They couldn’t state it anymore plainly, or truly: “This is not a love story. This is a story about love.” I had the pleasure of catching this film a few weeks back at a sneak preview. Quite good, but dare I say definitely not a feel good movie.

I value a film that can make me laugh warmly and tear up sincerely, and (500) Days of Summer certainly succeeded in that. Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s shows us that he has what it takes to carry a feature with his sincere delivery and achingly relatable and yet endearing vulnerability. He is in need, but not needy. In love, but not dumb struck. Zooey Deschanel is… Zooey Deschanel. While she’s beautiful and appears in some fabulously cute ensembles, I wasn’t nearly as struck by her performance as Gordon-Levitt’s.

The script bounces back and forth from day 1 to day 500 of the relationship of Gordon-Levitt’s Tom and Deschanel’s Summer. We know from the start that their relationship isn’t going to work out, but we, like Tom, find ourselves wondering how that can be so and longing for an answer as to why not. Like The Breakup, this one can get almost too real at times; painfully reminding us of the feelings of love lost and the longing to somehow spark it up again.

With some clever sequences from director Marc Webb, great lines and awful karaoke, (500) Days of Summer will, as the season itself, entertain you while it lasts, just don’t expect any eternal heartwarming from this one. Just enjoy what it is and is only billed to be– a story about love.

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My Myspace Man: Take 6

And maybe one day, I’ll make a whole blog out of these alone…

28-year-old Anthony, whose profile features a small child I’m assuming to be his son flippin’ the bird Xs 2, writes:

i know we dont know one another but i wanna say u are as beautiful as a goddess with that body of art names anthony and ur eyes and smile is of a what are u up to? and i bet u are a smart girl too very nice

I hadda read through this one a couple of times to follow. Are my pictures a work of art? Am I alone a work of art? This is the less cocky, trying to mean well attempt. It’s also why everyone should use punctuation. Sigh. Sorry buddy. Denied!

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Hey Remember That Time Dick Cheney Shot Someone?

“Democrats want an investigation into a secret CIA program that was concealed from Congress by Dick Cheney. It was so secret that Cheney could tell you about it, but then he’d have to take you hunting.”
– Jimmy Fallon


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