(500) Days of Summer

They couldn’t state it anymore plainly, or truly: “This is not a love story. This is a story about love.” I had the pleasure of catching this film a few weeks back at a sneak preview. Quite good, but dare I say definitely not a feel good movie.

I value a film that can make me laugh warmly and tear up sincerely, and (500) Days of Summer certainly succeeded in that. Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s shows us that he has what it takes to carry a feature with his sincere delivery and achingly relatable and yet endearing vulnerability. He is in need, but not needy. In love, but not dumb struck. Zooey Deschanel is… Zooey Deschanel. While she’s beautiful and appears in some fabulously cute ensembles, I wasn’t nearly as struck by her performance as Gordon-Levitt’s.

The script bounces back and forth from day 1 to day 500 of the relationship of Gordon-Levitt’s Tom and Deschanel’s Summer. We know from the start that their relationship isn’t going to work out, but we, like Tom, find ourselves wondering how that can be so and longing for an answer as to why not. Like The Breakup, this one can get almost too real at times; painfully reminding us of the feelings of love lost and the longing to somehow spark it up again.

With some clever sequences from director Marc Webb, great lines and awful karaoke, (500) Days of Summer will, as the season itself, entertain you while it lasts, just don’t expect any eternal heartwarming from this one. Just enjoy what it is and is only billed to be– a story about love.


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  1. Emily

    saw this for work. ❤

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