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Craigslist Is For (Booty) Lovers

so cute in the face.. and you had the biggest butt .. ever – m4w – 28 (orange line)

Date: 2009-08-24, 10:35AM ET

the whole time i was looken at you because you were too damn cute to look away
then you got up… and i couldnt believe.. your butt was like.. not a kind of big… but it was like .. stop the party big..
you are an amazing creation



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Barney Don’t Play That Way

At a recent town hall meeting to discuss health care, a young woman asked her representative about Obama’s so-called Nazi policies, showcasing a photograph of the president sporting a Hitler-like mustache. His response:

Yeah, Barney Frank don’t take that ish, dearie. What do you think about this one?

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A Thorny Gesture

I got yelled at today for not accepting a rose from a stranger.

I was walking home from work and about to head down to the train when a man with a few roses in his hands began to lunge toward me, extending a pink rose. I smiled and said, “No thank you,” as I assumed they were for sale. “NO NO NO NO NO!” he shouted. I kept walking down to the escalator, briefly looking back as he yelled, “Hey, no!” and something about how I “couldn’t do that” behind me.

Okay, so let’s assume that this man wasn’t trying to sneakily sell the flowers, but to hand them out. Really buddy? Isn’t the good deed/flirtatious gesture just a bit negated when you start shouting at people and demanding they take your flower?

Living in a city never ceases to entertain.

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Newsflash: The Undead Totally Dig Turtles

So many unanswered questions…

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