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Throwing Up Makes me Laugh Yo

Overheard while leaving my office building:

“And then he threw up all over me. Projectile vomit everywhere.”

(Giggle giggle) I’ve met many who don’t understand how throwing up is funny, but for those who do, I hope this one is appreciated.


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Nobel Prize Whaaat?

There are more thoughts to be shared on this one, but for now, let’s let a sacreligious image do the talking:

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A Long Walk for a Tiny Toll

Today, I received a toll charge for a toll I ran (no change, new toll!) in Texas back in February of 2008.

It was persistently forwarded from two different old addresses to make its way to me.

Even better, it’s for $1.60. The postage and processing charges on this alone have surely cancelled out my contribution to Texas tollways.  Eyes on the prize, Texas. Eyes on the 60 cent ($1 adminstration fee) prize…

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We Are Spoiled, Indeed

So I came across this the other day– Louis C.K. on Conan O’Brien talking about how everything’s awesome and yet nobody’s happy.

Too true. Go on, laugh at how you fall victim.

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