Who is “That Girl” Anyway?

That Girl is watching and That Girl is telling you what she sees.

I started this blog in an attempt to download the randomness that bounces about in my head. I write about things that strike me, whether they be news stories, cultural phenomenons or just things that urke me or that I hope will entertain you. I encourage your comments, whether you agree or disagree. Got a story or website you think I’d be interested in? Let me know! I enjoy knowing who’s on the other side of the screen.

Oh, and please be assured that That Girl will always work her damnedest to keep you smiling.


5 responses to “Who is “That Girl” Anyway?

  1. Bryan

    You’re one of the greatest people on planet Earth, period, count it.

  2. Annie

    Watching that video just made me feel great!
    Honestly, you are way too smart to be spending all this free time blogging. Would you like to be my secretary when I’m President?

    Barack Obama

  3. Love it. Vote Hillary in ’84! 😉

    Ugh and I never even went to karaoke.


  4. Ted Hopton

    Really enjoyed reading your blog!

  5. Rachel

    I just found out you have a blog…awesoooooome! Yay, now I will have to read it everyday, so keep up that writing! =)

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