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Throwing Up Makes me Laugh Yo

Overheard while leaving my office building:

“And then he threw up all over me. Projectile vomit everywhere.”

(Giggle giggle) I’ve met many who don’t understand how throwing up is funny, but for those who do, I hope this one is appreciated.


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Nobel Prize Whaaat?

There are more thoughts to be shared on this one, but for now, let’s let a sacreligious image do the talking:

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We Are Spoiled, Indeed

So I came across this the other day– Louis C.K. on Conan O’Brien talking about how everything’s awesome and yet nobody’s happy.

Too true. Go on, laugh at how you fall victim.

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Let’s Shake a Fist at Those Damned Hollywood Commies

Will Ferrell stands up for the real healthcare victims by

PS I love that the dude from Hero’s only says 3 words…IMPACT

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Kanye Ain’t Crazy for Swayze

Inappropriate? Perhaps. But hey, he means no disrespect…

And I guess the word is out now that President Obama called Kanye a jackass.  Ohhh sigh. Gotta love that Obama’s almighty presidential opinion on Kanye has spread fast and far while meanwhile his remarks on and plans for universal healthcare have been closed out by folks everywhere. Way to go, America. Priorities.

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Craigslist Is For (Booty) Lovers

so cute in the face.. and you had the biggest butt .. ever – m4w – 28 (orange line)

Date: 2009-08-24, 10:35AM ET

the whole time i was looken at you because you were too damn cute to look away
then you got up… and i couldnt believe.. your butt was like.. not a kind of big… but it was like .. stop the party big..
you are an amazing creation


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A Thorny Gesture

I got yelled at today for not accepting a rose from a stranger.

I was walking home from work and about to head down to the train when a man with a few roses in his hands began to lunge toward me, extending a pink rose. I smiled and said, “No thank you,” as I assumed they were for sale. “NO NO NO NO NO!” he shouted. I kept walking down to the escalator, briefly looking back as he yelled, “Hey, no!” and something about how I “couldn’t do that” behind me.

Okay, so let’s assume that this man wasn’t trying to sneakily sell the flowers, but to hand them out. Really buddy? Isn’t the good deed/flirtatious gesture just a bit negated when you start shouting at people and demanding they take your flower?

Living in a city never ceases to entertain.

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