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We Are Spoiled, Indeed

So I came across this the other day– Louis C.K. on Conan O’Brien talking about how everything’s awesome and yet nobody’s happy.

Too true. Go on, laugh at how you fall victim.


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All The Single Babies…

Behold! The next internet sensation in the making:

Clearly, Kanye was right about this video’s influence, no? I mean, look at that kick!

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Newsflash: The Undead Totally Dig Turtles

So many unanswered questions…

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Shatner Does Palin

If you haven’t seen this already, then you need to:

William Shatner performs Sarah Palin’s farewell speech as spoken word. Clearly, it was poetry just waiting to happen.

(And yes, that is indeed how The Tonight Show titled it. Classy.)

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BORING… Let’s Glitterator!

Is there a reason I haven’t been able to get this out of my head for days? Wait, better question, is there a reason I would want to get it out?

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Well Shucks, There Are Still Worthwhile Shows on TV

Yes, I’m even talking other than 30 Rock. Enter How I Met Your Mother.

If you’re never checked it out, How I Met Your Mother is an Emmy-nominated comedy on CBS in its 5th season. And if you have, well, good choice, friend. It’s a tale of five 20-something friends, and  ultimately, a love story in reverse.

Personally, I find the lead character, Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor), to be quite a jerk, but the other characters more than make up for him being such a selfish whiner. Marshall Erikson (Jason Segel) makes the show for me, outside of the times when I remember that thanks to Forgetting Sarah Marshall I’ve seen him naked.

And this is why Marshall will keep you watching.

And this is why Marshall will keep you watching.

Anyway, it’s future Ted (who goes unseen) telling his two kids the story of how he met their mother–without sparing any details. Also featuring Alyson Hannigan, Cobie Smulders and an utterly ridiculous but brilliantly executed Neil Patrick Harris. Oh and wait, did I mention that the narrator is Bob Saget? What whaaaat.

Check it out if you’re bored on a Monday night like this one (Mondays, 8pm EST) or, hit up the DVDs like I’ve been doing. (Hey, thanks technology!) New season premiers September 21st so get crackin’!


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If U Seek Amy?

What? Listen to what it spells?

Ohhh, okay Britney. We get it. Thanks for playing it coy. Afterall, teenagers love new ways to talk about sex in front of adults without them catching on. WIN.

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