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Throwing Up Makes me Laugh Yo

Overheard while leaving my office building:

“And then he threw up all over me. Projectile vomit everywhere.”

(Giggle giggle) I’ve met many who don’t understand how throwing up is funny, but for those who do, I hope this one is appreciated.


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A Long Walk for a Tiny Toll

Today, I received a toll charge for a toll I ran (no change, new toll!) in Texas back in February of 2008.

It was persistently forwarded from two different old addresses to make its way to me.

Even better, it’s for $1.60. The postage and processing charges on this alone have surely cancelled out my contribution to Texas tollways.  Eyes on the prize, Texas. Eyes on the 60 cent ($1 adminstration fee) prize…

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All The Single Babies…

Behold! The next internet sensation in the making:

Clearly, Kanye was right about this video’s influence, no? I mean, look at that kick!

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One Leg After the Other

It’s always funny to me when I realize that I’ve put my underwear on inside out. It’s increasingly funny when I don’t have this observation until 10pm. I guess statistically, given how often underwear is put off and on, you’re gonna get it wrong now and again. But at the same time, when you’ve had so much more practice with this article of clothing, well, it’s a bit of a personal embarrassment to discover.

I suppose, however, unlike other articles of clothing, others aren’t there to immediately let you know that you’ve goofed… in most cases at least. Perhaps others should be consulted for an approving butt smack of approval. Ya know, just something to consider.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, I definitely didn’t fix it.

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Craigslist Is For (Booty) Lovers

so cute in the face.. and you had the biggest butt .. ever – m4w – 28 (orange line)

Date: 2009-08-24, 10:35AM ET

the whole time i was looken at you because you were too damn cute to look away
then you got up… and i couldnt believe.. your butt was like.. not a kind of big… but it was like .. stop the party big..
you are an amazing creation


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BORING… Let’s Glitterator!

Is there a reason I haven’t been able to get this out of my head for days? Wait, better question, is there a reason I would want to get it out?

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My Myspace Man: Take 6

And maybe one day, I’ll make a whole blog out of these alone…

28-year-old Anthony, whose profile features a small child I’m assuming to be his son flippin’ the bird Xs 2, writes:

i know we dont know one another but i wanna say u are as beautiful as a goddess with that body of art names anthony and ur eyes and smile is of a what are u up to? and i bet u are a smart girl too very nice

I hadda read through this one a couple of times to follow. Are my pictures a work of art? Am I alone a work of art? This is the less cocky, trying to mean well attempt. It’s also why everyone should use punctuation. Sigh. Sorry buddy. Denied!

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