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Nobel Prize Whaaat?

There are more thoughts to be shared on this one, but for now, let’s let a sacreligious image do the talking:


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Barney Don’t Play That Way

At a recent town hall meeting to discuss health care, a young woman asked her representative about Obama’s so-called Nazi policies, showcasing a photograph of the president sporting a Hitler-like mustache. His response:

Yeah, Barney Frank don’t take that ish, dearie. What do you think about this one?

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Top 10 Utterly Ridiculous Photos of President Bush

I originally compiled this list about two years ago, but in the spirit of bidding President Bush adieu, I thought it could be fun to revisit. Shall we?


The aftermath of the infamous pretzel choking incident.


When even the babies called it a day.


Angry Bush.

Granted, freeze frames can be rough, but why did this face ever even happen?


The best classroom blunder since “You forgot the ‘e’.”


“Quick! Act busy, Mr. President!”


Corn is key.

I’m not even sure what exactly it is that gets me about this one, but what’s not to love about waving around garden vegetables?


No, honey, no.


That’s not the exit, tiger.


Thanksgiving mishap.


Dropping a puppy. On pavement. While in the company of a little league team.

Women and children are devastated.

So long, Mr. President. Please feel free to share any additional images. Perhaps one day I’ll tackle one for Cheney.

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Secretary of Getting Things Done: Hillaryyyy!!

President Elect Obama has officially nominated Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton Secretary of State

I loves me some Hill, alright. Glad to see that Obama is embracing the Hillary love as well 🙂


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Feelin’ Like a Presidential Pimp

In the busyness of recent times, I missed out on this one. Gotta say, I love Hillary, but this clip is great.

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Yikes, Ohio

Granted, this is not representative of all the people in Ohio, nor are the opinions expressed those of all McCain supporters, but yikes. These people are our fellow Americans, and they are not the only people in our nation with beliefs like these.

Respect, empower, include America. We definitely need a change.

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Sarah Silverman vs. Your Nana

Head’s up, there’s some potty talk.

ps I totally dig Nana’s blanket on that couch..

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